5 affordable ways to upgrade your bedroom style

The bedroom is one of the few places in your home where you should be able to enjoy some unobstructed peace, quiet, and intimacy with your loved one. However, sometimes the bedroom can be as hectic of an environment as any other place in the house, depriving you of proper sleep, rest, and relaxation.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here to help you create a true bedroom oasis are the top five affordable ways you can elevate your bedroom style to a completely new level of comfort and beauty.

Go for a cosy, serene vibe

Magnolia and Pomegranate wallpaper from the Woodland Walk collection by Sanderson

If there is a single place in your house that needs to scream comfort and positivity, it should be the bedroom. A great affordable way to introduce plenty of cosiness into the bedroom ambience is to think about various accents you can scatter around the room.

Think throws and pillows all over the bed and the sofa, complemented with beautiful sheepskin draping from the sides. Don’t forget the floor either, as it can be a perfect canvas for a fluffy white carpet or bedside rug to greet your sleepy feet in the morning with warmth.

Introduce chic wallpapers

Jasmine WP Detail

Making a mistake and evoking the wrong emotions when designing your bedroom is very easy, especially when you are trying to decide on the colour, texture, and pattern of the walls. From subdued, warm colours, to light, positive pastels for happiness and serenity, there is plenty to choose from.

You want to combine the best of both worlds and choose a bedroom wallpaper that speaks to your mind, body, and soul and supports mental clarity, happiness, and peace. Moreover, make sure your wallpaper has certain accents, whether in a pattern or in texture that bring out the feeling of intimacy and passion as well.

Create a focal point with your bed

Mary Isobel WP Main Portrait

The bed should be the focal point of your stylish, beautiful bedroom. Your bed needs to tell a unique story, an overwhelming feeling of pleasure and positivity every time you enter the room. So, think about the colour and material of your bed frame.

Opt for a contemporary, beautiful fabric bed frame with modern features such as an integrated bookcase and table if those long weekend mornings spent in bed reading your favourite book and sipping a fresh cup of coffee are what you are after. With a warm, intimate hue framing the mattress, you can truly make your bed stand out from the rest of the decor.

Use colours wisely

Larksong Wallpaper in a Bedroom

When it comes to choosing your colour scheme, you need to understand that every hue has its meaning and evokes a certain emotion. While you might feel tempted to introduce your favourite shade of orange throughout the bedroom, keep in mind that this is powerful, energetic colour that might disrupt your sleeping schedule.

Instead, try to scatter lighter, pastel hues around the room in order to break any monotonous spots and bring some vibrancy to the intimate ambience. Keeping the wallpaper as a foundation of your design, think about the places where complementing colours might make a positive impact.

Accentuate with lighting

Tambourine Bedroom WP Mid_DM_med

Finally, your lighting scheme needs to make a statement, and it needs to complement the design of your bedroom, bringing forth its strengths and subduing its weaknesses. While you should make sure the dressing table is perfectly illuminated, you want to be able to control the lighting in order to set the mood just right, whatever the occasion, in the bedroom.

Moreover, think about how natural light penetrates the room in the morning and during the day. You want to let as much sunshine in as possible, so make sure to use your window treatments only when you need to and even consider introducing a beautiful skylight to let warm light permeate the room even further.

The bedroom is one of the few places in your home where you can be the person you truly are – unburdened, unshackled, free of the stress of everyday life. Be sure to use these essential tips and you will have no problem elevating your bedroom style to new and exciting heights.

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